5G Research Hub Munich

The 5G Research Hub Munich targets the development of an experimental 5G platform at the Technical University of Munich based on a joint research project started in 2019 between the Chair of Communication Networks (Prof. Wolfgang Kellerer) and the Chair of Media Technology (Prof. Eckehard Steinbach) funded by the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy.


- Staatssekretär Weigert visits 5G Research Hub Munich

On January 15, 2020 State Secretary Roland Weigert from the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs Regional Development and Energy, has visited the 5G Research Hub Munich the joint project of LKN and LMT

- End-to-End Connection with Joystick-to-Robot Haptic Control

The 5G Research Hub Munich presents the first full end-to-end 5G service setup

- Full paper presented at ACM CoNext 2019

Veni Vidi Dixi: Reliable Wireless Communication with Depth Images (Serkut Ayvaşık, Murat Gürsu, Wolfgang Kellerer), ACM CoNEXT, Florida, USA, Dec. 2019.

- Serkut Ayvasik receives VDE Award 2019

On Thursday, November 21, 2019 Serkut Ayvasik, PhD student at LKN, received the VDE Award 2019 at the Bayerischer VDE Abend at Hotel Bayerischer Hof for his Master Thesis.


  • Development of an experimental 5G platform as a modular framework being open for emerging applications
  • Continuous adaptation to the upcoming 5G standards
  • Fundamental research to significantly shape the state of the art for selected areas in 5G technologies and applications

Focus Application: eHealth


Network Model

Research Directions

Radio Access Network

  • Low latency high reliability to support critical application functions
  • Radio network slicing for reliable co-existence of different applications
  • RAN functions split and its impact on latency and reliability
  • Dynamic base station coordination and radio resource management
  • Reliability in 5G New Radio

Core Network

  • Resource provisioning and isolation of data and control plane incl. network hypervisors
  • Function placement and operation in distributed edge cloud environments
  • In-network processing to support emerging 5G applications
  • Hardware acceleration and offloading of virtualization functions

Telepresence Robot

  • 3D 360° immersive experience of the remote scene (with delay compensation)
  • HMD and tablet interface for natural remote control
  • Semi-autonomous edge-based manipulation and object recognition
  • Edge-based navigation and SLAM
  • Edge-based real-time motion control and monitoring
  • User-in-the-loop real-time haptic & kinesthetic feedback

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This work receives funding by the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy as part of the project 5G Testbed Bayern mit Schwerpunktanwendung "eHealth".